• Customizable Panels

    You can customize the appearance of each panel. Change the alignment, the position of the caption, or even whether the caption should have a background or not!

  • Flexible Panel Layout

    This area can display as many posts as you want it to. Thanks to the WordPress Custom Post Types feature, you can insert as many of these panels as you want, all while keeping them independent from your pages and posts.

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  • Responsive Design

    The panels scale along with your browser window. Give it a try! This theme is made to look as great in any number of mobile devices, from tablets to smartphones.

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  • Customizable Styling

    You can use HTML inside this box! Use it to easily include hyperlinks or adding emphasis to your text, or even insert snippets directly onto the slide description.

  • Adaptable Layout

    The layout adapts as you add content to the site, so you don’t have to worry about keeping things organized. If there aren’t enough slides to fill the whole layout, they will be arranged so that they occupy all the available space.

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This is an Example Notice Box

You can insert these announcement boxes wherever you want throughout the site. They’re entirely modular and you can insert anything you want here!

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Home Features

These features appear in the homepage and allow you to display information regarding your website. The sky’s the limit!

Responsive Layout

This theme is responsive! It will always look great in virtually any device screen. Resize the browser window to see it in action.

Multiple Templates

A great number of page templates are included! You can choose different layouts for your portfolio, blog, and site pages.


Incredibly Flexible.

Brilliance has been built from the ground up to give you as much freedom as possible.

Select up to 3 different header styles, multiple portfolio and blog layouts, and customize pages and posts however you want. It’s up to you.


Unlimited Colors.

You can freely choose which colors to use, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your site down to the slightest detail. All of the content in this theme is made to work with any color, so you can create an unique, cutomized experience with just a few clicks.


Browser Compatible.

Brilliance is compatible across all modern browsers, and also includes support for some legacy versions. This ensures you can cater to the highest number of visitors!

The theme is made to look great in Internet Explorer 8 and up, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safaria and Opera.


Great Documentation.

This theme is bundled with highly detailed documentation, so that you can have a reference guide to all the featured in this theme.

You will also get premium support directly from us, helping you get your site up and running in no time.

  • Brilliance Logo

    Brilliance is a multipurpose WordPress theme designed to be exceptionally powerful.

    Its vast array of configuration options make it highly versatile, letting you create your own personal site with little to no effort.
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